About Us

About Aerocool Industries

Welcome to Aerocool Industries. The company was formed in 2001 with the vision of providing the best solution and services To all industries. This vision is continues to be the driving force for the company and its team. We consider the sale merely the beginning of the relationship with our clients. We strongly believe that this will help our customers to choose a right product for their applications. So we produce the wide range of models and capacities in every products, it can easily suite the specific requirement of customer needs. Our product is designed and manufactured in such a way that it furnishes maximum cooling efficiency with optimum power consumption. We produce the wide range of our product of Industrial Chillers like water chiller, process chiller, online chiller, recirculating chiller, compact chiller, beverage chiller, air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, brine chiller, liquid chiller etc. To keep our valued customers satisfied; we constantly strive to meet their specific needs by customizing our wide range of cooling equipment. We design our range as per the specifications and requirements of our clients which help us in fulfilling their exact needs. Our customization capability has helped us in achieving our ultimate goal of client satisfaction. We have developed a “true” proactive approach to HVAC maintenance which includes providing our service technicians with the appropriate amount of time to effectively perform all required maintenance tasks to keep your system efficient, reliable, substantially reduce costly breakdowns and extend its’ life expectancy.


To come up with dedicated services to our customers to make them quite satisfied with our products & customized services.